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GSC-Rigeto is a partnership between Green Sentinel Capital and Rigeto Unternehmerkapital, backed by distinguished German and Italian industrial capital.

Through partnering with family-operated, mid-cap companies in Italy, GSC-Rigeto helps family entrepreneurs to reach the next growth stage while maintaining the legacy of the company. GSC-Rigeto intends to partner with 5 companies during 2024 – 2025.

Investment philosophy

GSC-Rigeto stems from family-run businesses and is operated by family entrepreneurs. It is therefore driven with the passion and spirit of developing and preserving medium-sized businesses in sectors with growth potential.

GSC-Rigeto is backed by real entrepreneurial capital and has no fund structure which allows for a tailored, flexible investment approach without a specific sector focus. This approach enables GSC-Rigeto to build sustainable long-term value and to maintain the legacy of the family businesses GSC-Rigeto partners with.

The Consortium

Investment Profile

The investment requirements defined below are indicative. Potential investment targets are evaluated individually.

Targets that do not satisfy the below will still be considered if they have growth potential and are suitable to the portfolio profile.

Equity ticketEUR 8 – 30mn
Enterprise valueEUR 25 – 100mn
EBITDAEUR 2.5 – 25mn
No secondary / private equity-owned targets

Principal Team

Thomas Clementi

Thomas’ family firm is an industrial, Italian leader in the production of apples and Thomas guides the strategic repositioning of his family firm since 2021.

Board Member of Clementi Group, Italian industrial leader in the production of apples

Managing Partner at Green Sentinel Capital, holding investing in solar energy, real estate, & private equity

Double Degree: M.Sc. in Finance at Copenhagen Business School and M.Sc. CEMS Master at the  Stockholm School of Economics

Dr. Richard K. Lenz

Dr. Richard Lenz has partnered with multiple family businesses and is deeply acquainted with what is necessary to bring businesses to the next level.

20+ years of experience in investment and consulting

Industry focus on medical technology, industrial goods, and consumer goods

Dedicated to the development and strengthening of family corporate structure and culture

Member of the TEG Board of Trustees & YPO MNC

PhD in Finance, Technical University of Munich

Dr. Wolf A. Hoffman

Dr. Wolf Hoffmann’s family business was active in Automotive until he exited it to Rigeto Unternehmerkapital. Since then, he improved several businesses operationally.

20+ years of experience in medium-sized business successions

Industry focus on automotive, automation, food & beverage, construction/industrial, and healthcare

Member representative, Dortmunder Volksbank

PhD. in turnaround equity, TU Dortmund